SSAIB recommends you use nothing but SSAIB approved Companies. Using an
SSAIB approved Companies means you are using an installater than has been
put through the most rigorous checks and comply with the highest business
and installation standards.

Calder Valley Security Holds The SSAIB Certification.

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) only certificate
Companieswho demonstrate competence and financial probity in the
management of theirbusiness. Certificated providers must also demonstrate
technical competence andethical conduct when it comes to providing security
services to your home or business.

All our systems are installed to PD6662 / DD243. SSAIB certification
means that youcan be confident in the quality of service provided
to protect your home or businessfrom the potentially devastating
consequences crime.

Increasingly insurers require evidence that all reasonable steps
have been taken tomitigate risk and ensure the safety of personnel
and assets within the workplace. SSAIBcertificated providers
will meet or exceed your insurer’s requirements.

Our SSAIB certification also means our engineers are fully
vetted and police checked.

For increased confidence when buying a security system you should:

  • Use only SSAIB certificated companies.
  • Always agree a written specification.
  • Ascertain what repair,call out or service cover is provided.
  • Ensure that you are given a Certificate of Conformity for your
    system. This confirms that the system has been installed to
    all relevant standards.
  • Have your system regularly maintained.
  • Seek and follow up references.
  • Ensure that your Intruder Alarm System provider obtains a
    police unique referencenumber for monitored installation as
    this will be used to verify the alarm and initiate
    a Police response. Only certificated providers are able to obtain
    Police URNs.

If you would like to visit the SSAIB website, you can do so by clicking Here


We are also IPAF Qualified

  • Qualified to use Boom Lifts
  • Qualified to use Scissor Lifts
  • Qualified to work up to 90 feet
  • Experienced in commercial and industrial use
    IPAF – Mobile Vertical (3a) IPAF – Mobile Boom (3b)