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ANPR or LPR systems are used to capture vehicle registration plates. Infra red (IR) provides fantastic night time images down to 0 lux which creates a problem when trying to see registration plates with conventional CCTV. The IR reflects off the plates which completely blanks the registration plate out. Even when the IR is disabled a conventional CCTV camera cannot identify a moving plate due to a ‘ghosting’ effect which is a byproduct of the slower shutter speeds which allows the camera to see in low light conditions. Automatic number plate recognition or license plate recognition cameras capture the plates day or night with outstanding accuracy.

We offer a fixed price survey and fixed price installations. The areas we cover includes the whole UK mainland. Various levels of maintenance are available on our installed car park systems. These national maintenance contracts range from inclusive parts and labour contacts with a 72 hour response to non inclusive parts and labour contacts with a 14 working day response. For the inclusive contracts we offer a 24 hour support service.

Our own in house cherry picker and traffic/pedestrian management systems allows us to easily install systems without causing traffic problems within the site.

Our preferred manufacturer for car park systems is MAV. Mav have a variety of cameras available with different lenses to suit any application. All control and ancillary equipment are stored in a IP rates steel enclosure which ensures the equipment does not get damaged. Click HERE for more information on their ANPR products.

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MAV IQ ANPR camera
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