TVI vs IP CCTV Systems

4K TVI Image

Ultra High Definition 4K TVI Camera

4K IP Image

Ultra High Definiton 4K IP Camera

Traditionally analogue CCTV is installed using co-axial cables consequently these systems are low resolutions and have no image processing capabilities.

TVI is a method of transmitting a HD analogue signal down the old type cables. Although these images are better than the old analogue cameras they are still in effect been transmitted in analogue down the old type coaxial cables. In addition to the signal being transmitted along the old type of cable the TVI technology has no image processing capabilities which means the colours are inferior. The resulting image is prone to shadows caused by interference getting on to the co axial cable.

The systems we install are IP (internet protocol) systems, this means they’re not TVI They are wired in CAT5e external grade solid copper cabling which enables our systems to run at gigabit bandwidth speeds. These type systems are true digital. The higher bandwidth allows us to transmit higher resolutions at far superior quality that a TVI analogue system simply cannot complete with. IP cameras do all the image processing within the camera before it is sent back to the control down the superior cable.

The end result is a crisp and clear image not forgetting the beautiful vibrant colours. CAT5e cabling bandwidth is that fast, it can simultaneously transmit 167 4K 8 megapixels down one cable! This makes it the obvious choice when installing CCTV as it future proofs the infrastructure of your system. Click HERE for more information on pixels and megapixels.

CCTV Multimeter

We can service your existing cctv system no matter what the make, model or age. We can also upgrade your cctv system to the latest in HD technology. Alterations or additions to existing cctv systems are another service we offer.  If your system is in fault we have the latest in fault finding equipment to quickly have the fault resolved.

Existing Systems Maintenance & Repairs
4K Turret

Both our 5 mega pixel cctv cameras and 8 mega pixel cctv cameras come in vandal resistant discrete turrets additionally these turrets are metal. The IP connections are made in a waterproof ‘jacket’ which is located within the camera base plate. Therefore no additional connector boxes or deep mounting base plates are required, resulting in a sleek looking low profile appearance. Cameras are available in white or charcoal.

6 Mega Pixel HD Vs 8 Mega Pixel 4K UHD
Hik Vision CCTV App

Get It All On The App!

Get your system on your smart phone or tablet via the app! You will be able to live view, remote playback as well as save footage from anywhere in the world! You can even merge different systems so you can keep an eye on work and home alike with the same app!

HD CCTV Night Time Images

Cameras are 6 mega pixel HD or 8 mega pixel UHD and have integrated 30 meter smart infra red (IR). The below images are taken from systems we installed. Please note registration plates cannot be viewed when IR is used. If you would like to catch registration plates, we can install an ANPR/LPR camera.

4k drive image daytime
4k night time drive image
4k patio daynight image
4k night time patio image
4k garden day time image
4k garden night time image
Calder Valley Yard 4K daytime
Calder Valley Yard 4K at night
4k day time stores image
4k night time stores image
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