Upgrade From 6MP to 8MP UHD 4K CCTV

6MP HD image

6MP IP High Definition CCTV Camera

4K CCTV UHD 8MP image

8MP IP Ultra High Definition CCTV Camera

Digital IP 6 mega pixel HD CCTV images are fantastic. For this reason they are everything you would expect and more from an IP digital system.  The stills are crisp, clear and coupled with the vibrant colours the images are far superior to that of TVI. At first glance, the two images above look very similar.

This is because you are probably looking at the images on a 1080p 2 mega pixel screen. If you click on the two above images they will render to your full screen. You will then be able to see the difference between 6 megapixel CCTV and 8 megapixel 4K CCTV. Below are the same two images where I have digitally zoomed in and blown up a snippet for examination. For further reading HERE is a link with more information on 4K technology. As you can see the digital IP 8 mega pixel 4K CCTV camera has phenomenal quality and detail. 8 mega pixel 4K CCTV is the clear winner for us and in our opinion certainly worth that extra little bit more.

6 megapixel zoom

6MP HD Digital Zoom

4k cctv 8 megapixel zoomed in

8MP UHD Digital Zoom

  • True Digital 4K CCTV with IP  Transmission.

  • Crisp clear 4K CCTV images with vibrant colours.

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

  • Available in white & charcoal.

  • CAT5e cabling future proofs your installation.

  • No connection boxes or base plates required.

  • Dual lens ensures no infra red bleed.

A 4K CCTV Turret Camera

Our sleak low profile metal turrets means no additional connection boxes are required.

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Get your system on your smart phone or tablet via the app! You will be able to live view, remote playback as well as save footage from anywhere in the world! You can even merge different systems so you can keep an eye on work and home alike with the same app!

4K CCTV Images with IR at  Night Time

All our 4K CCTV cameras wether they are 6 mega pixel HD or 8 mega pixel UHD come with a 30 meter smart infra red (IR). Below are some examples from our systems we have installed. Please note registration plates cannot be viewed when IR is used. If you would like to catch registration plates an ANPR/LPR camera will be required.

calder valley compound day time 4k cctv
4k cctv image at night in halifax

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